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Reality Transurfing* and Crystals Part 2

In our first blog post on this topic, we introduced Reality Transurfing and the use of crystals, and how the two can harmoniously work in tandem. When we skillfully weave together the tapestry of Reality Transurfing with the subtle energies of crystals, we create a remarkably impactful vibrational matrix that can profoundly alter our journey through life’s myriad possibilities. In this post we go more deeply into how this can work in practice.

Enhancing Our Access to the Space of Variations

The space of variations is a concept central to Reality Transurfing, where every reality, past, present and future, exists as a potential. Crystals, with their unique frequencies, can be thought of as tuning instruments that align our vibration with the frequency of the reality we wish to manifest. By using a crystal with a matching frequency, we can improve our alignment with the desired outcome.

Detaching from Negative Pendulums

Pendulums can harm us when they align with or foster negative aspects of our lives. Crystals like black tourmaline or smoky quartz are reputed to provide a grounding effect, which can help in detaching from these negative pendulums. These stones can help you release stress, conserve energy, and stay focused on your goals.

Amplifying Our Intention

Intention is the force that guides our movement in Reality Transurfing. Crystals like clear quartz are believed to act as amplifiers of energy and intention. By programming a quartz crystal with an intention, it is said that you can send a clear, amplified thought into the universe, thus harnessing outer intention to bring about desired changes.

Crystals to Enhance Reality Transurfing Techniques

To explore different options in the space of variations, you could use, for example, lapis lazuli, known for its connection to the third eye chakra, to increase insight and awareness of the possible paths.

- To counteract negative pendulums, black tourmaline could be used for its purported grounding properties, helping to stabilize one’s energy and stay true to one’s path.

- To amplify the principle of energy and vibrational elevation in Reality Transurfing, consider citrine. Citrine carries the vibrant energy of Jupiter and creates a positive and rejuvenating atmosphere.

- For the practice of setting intentions, amethyst serves as a potent ally. This stone, with its serene violet hues, is revered for its ability to stimulate the mind and emotions, Amethyst is known for enhancing intuition, promoting clarity of thought, and strengthening one’s resolve, making it an excellent choice for fostering self-discovery and personal growth during new endeavors.

Incorporating crystals into Reality Transurfing practices is not about passively expecting change; it is an active process of aligning one’s energy and focus with the desired outcome. By actively engaging with these natural elements, we can play an active role in creating our realities, utilizing the vibrational properties of crystals to fortify our intentions and maneuver through the realm of possibilities with increased mastery and fluidity.

Practical Guide to Using Crystals with Intention

Step 1: Setting Your Intention

Before selecting a crystal, clarify your intention. What variation of reality are you aiming to enter? Is it one of emotional tranquility, financial abundance, improved relationships, or creative expression? Your intention sets the stage for choosing a crystal that resonates with your desired outcome.

Step 2: Selecting Your Crystal

With your intention in mind, thoroughly research which crystals are associated with those attributes. For example:

- For abundance, citrine may be your ally.

- Seeking love? Rose quartz might resonate with you.

- Need clarity of thought? Amethyst could be your guide.

Trust your instincts in this process. If a particular stone stands out to you, consider that its unique vibration might be exactly what you need.

Step 3: Cleansing Your Crystal

Before you work with your crystal, it’s important to cleanse it of any previous energies it may have absorbed. There are several methods to do this:

- Running water: Hold your crystal under a stream of water while focusing on the intention to cleanse it. (Do not use with water soluble or affected stones, like selenite, which may be damaged by contact with water.)

- Smudging: Pass your crystal through the smoke of a burning sage stick.

- Sound: Use chanting, singing bowls, or bells to create vibrations that can purify your crystal.

Step 4: Programming Your Crystal

To program your crystal, hold it in your hands and enter a state of clear-minded focus. Visualize your intention, seeing the desired reality as already achieved. Feel the emotions and sensations associated with this reality. Then, speak your intention aloud or in your mind, imagining the words or thoughts entering the crystal and storing your intention within it.

Step 5: Using Your Crystal

Carry your crystal with you, wear it, or place it in a significant spot in your home or office. From time to time, touch or gaze into your crystal, reaffirming your intention and recognizing its indispensable role in your journey through the space of variations.

Step 6: Maintaining Your Crystal

Regularly cleanse and recharge your crystal to keep it attuned. You can recharge it by placing it in sunlight or moonlight, burying it in the earth, or resting it on a selenite charging plate.

The crystal is a focal point that symbolizes your commitment to your chosen reality. By embracing this harmonious partnership, you're affirming your trajectory within the realm of possibilities, propelling towards the life track that harmonizes with your ambitions. Your intention is the driving force behind this act, amplified by the external intention - the way the Universe aligns to manifest your desires at the perfect moment.

Stay tuned for Part 3 in this series, where we look at some success stories and sum up. Contact Joann to discuss your journey with Reality Transurfing, and how crystals can support you. * Reality Transurfing, as conceptualized by Vadim Zeland, is a metaphysical philosophy that posits the existence of an infinite number of realities and emphasizes the power of individual consciousness and intention to navigate and choose between these realities.

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