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Reality Transurfing and Crystals Part 1

1. Introduction

In pursuing personal and professional milestones, we often overlook the invisible forces at play that mold our reality. Enter Reality Transurfing — an esoteric philosophy that posits a bold notion: we can surf through the fabric of reality itself. Vadim Zeland's concept proposes that our world is a realm of endless possibilities, and we have the ability to shape our lives by choosing among these possibilities.

Crystals, known for their ability to influence energy, align with the principles of Transurfing. These natural formations, born from the Earth’s inner workings, are thought to resonate with the frequencies of our intentions, amplifying and directing the energy according to the wearer’s focus and desire.

The strategic use of Reality Transurfing and crystals creates a harmonious energy. This synergy promises more than just incremental change; it offers a quantum leap towards the realization of our aspirations. The combined power of these two realms beckons us to a new way of thinking, acting, and being — one where our life goals are not just distant dreams, but imminent realities waiting to be actualized.

Understanding and harnessing this dual force could well be the missing link in the chain of personal transformation. Join us in exploring consciousness and crystalline energy. Open your mind to shaping your own reality with knowledge, tools, and intentions. Your goals are within reach. Let’s delve into the intricacies of this path and discover how to amplify your life goals through the art of Reality Transurfing and the power of crystals.

2. What is Reality Transurfing?

At the heart of Reality Transurfing lies a quintet of principles that serve as navigational tools for journeying through the myriad possibilities of existence.

The Space of Variations

Picture an infinite field where every scenario and outcome exists. This is the space of variations, a central tenet of Transurfing, offering a map of destinies as vast and varied as the stars above. Every action, choice, and thought is a path through this space, leading to different branches of reality. When we imagine and connect with the specific changes we want, we create the conditions for them to happen in reality.


Zeland introduces the idea that pendulums are created by the combined thoughts and emotions of people. These pendulums sway us into their rhythm, often dictating the scripts of our lives without our conscious consent. Recognizing these forces allows us to detach from negative pendulums that drain our energy and align with those that support our personal goals and enhance our life’s narrative.

The Importance of Energy

Energy in Transurfing is the currency of the space of variations. Our own energy, when directed with purpose, can influence the pendulums we encounter and the life tracks we follow. Preserving and cultivating our inner energy is crucial. It ensures that we have the vitality to focus on our goals and not get sidetracked by the tumultuous currents of external influence.


Intention is the compass that guides us through the space of variations. It's more than just wishing, it's the determination to take action and stay committed to a chosen path regardless of external factors. Transurfing teaches that intention has two parts: inner intention, our personal effort, and outer intention, the universal force that shapes our desired reality.

The Principles in Daily Life

The principles of Transurfing can be integrated into our daily lives as a means of conscious living. It begins with awareness — recognizing that we are not hapless drifters in the sea of fate, but captains of our own ships. By selecting our focus within the space of variations, we can navigate towards our genuine desires. Releasing destructive patterns frees us from negative influences, saving our energy for what's important. And by cultivating a strong intention, we not only set our direction, but also draw upon the universe’s power to manifest our chosen reality.

Embracing these principles equips us with a profound sense of agency over our destiny. By applying Transurfing, we realize how our intentions can shape the world around us.

3. Crystals

Since antiquity, crystals have been more than mere adornments; they have held a sacred place in the annals of history, revered for their beauty and the profound energies they are considered to harbor. Crystals have played a significant role in spiritual and healing practices across civilizations, like the ancient Egyptians using quartz for guiding the dead and the Chinese using jade in medicine.

Enthusiasts view crystals not just as stones, but vibrating entities that align with life's energies. This vibrational energy is said to stem from their unique molecular compositions and the conditions under which they were formed within the Earth. As such, each type of crystal is thought to possess a signature frequency that can interact with human energy fields — the bio-magnetic sheath known as the aura. Crystals can synchronize with a person's energy, just like tuning forks resonating with each other. This resonance is said to rebalance and harmonize the body's energy centers, known as chakras, and can impact overall well-being.

Practitioners of crystal healing use these stones to amplify, focus, or transmute energy. For example, we prize amethyst for its purported ability to calm the mind and spirit, while citrine is often used to boost vitality and abundance. The choice of a crystal, thus, is not arbitrary but is made with intention, aligning its energetic properties with the individual’s needs and aspirations.

The interaction between human intention and crystal energy creates a powerful dynamic. Crystals can serve a meaningful role in Reality Transurfing. Stay tuned … In the next blog we will go more deeply into how to apply these concepts

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