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Shamanic Facilitation nz

Shamanic Facilitation by Joann Greig, MA, Kiwani Owapi - Awakens the Earth

Shamanic facilitation is a healing tool helping you to regain your energy and power to live in harmony during challenging times.

A shamanic journey may be done in an altered state of consciousness, as an aid to clients experiencing greater clarity and an enhanced sense of wholeness and well being.

Soul Recovery and Extraction (SRE) is a process intended to help us achieve greater wholeness. We can suffer damage due to trauma in this life or previous lives. A shamanic facilitator can help to repair the damage by retrieving and returning pieces of a person's energy that have been lost or taken. Shamanic facilitators are catalysts and act as a mirror for their clients. The symbolic “pieces” may trigger clients’ deeply rooted feelings or memories leading to an integration process.

As a traditional method of healing, SRE recognizes the connection between soul, mind and body, and works with the archetypes in the collective unconscious.

Extractions may also be undertaken to cleanse the external and internal etheric field of our aura and chakras, as well as the super-physical counterpart of the body through symbolic “operations” using shamanic methods. 

“Spiritually, one can lose a soul piece by giving power away to someone or something else. Soul recovery is about regaining the fragments of ones soul energy that have been trapped, lost or stolen either by another person or lost through a traumatic incident. The heart of this shamanistic healing method is taking back control of your life.” Ai Gvhdi Waya

Learn more


“Soul Recovery and Extraction: Putting back the pieces of your life”

by Ai Gvhdi Waya.

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More information on Shamanic Facilitation in our FAQ



Shamanic Facilitation

Soul recovery and extraction undertaken for the client, includes Journey, and a monthly check-in for three months.

$250 for regular service


$400 for urgent service (within 48 hours)

Further unique offerings are under development for those seeking unique and powerful shamanic offerings. Watch this space.

* Fees are in New Zealand dollars NZ$

Contact me and it will be a pleasure to assist you

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