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A Journey of Discovery and Transformation: My Dream Teacher IV Certificate Achievement

I'm thrilled to share this milestone in my personal and professional journey.  I've just graduated with my Dream Teacher Training Level Four Certificate for dream adepts, under the mentorship of the renowned Robert Moss and with a group of advanced dreamers. This accomplishment is a testament to my commitment to delving deeper into the realms of dreams, consciousness, and soul healing.

The training to "Become an Explorer, Architect, and Cartographer of Imaginal Realms while Deepening your Capacity for Soul Healing," was a beacon for those seeking to understand and navigate the intricate landscapes of dreams and the imaginal. It took place over weekly 3 hour intensive live online sessions from mid-January 2024 to 1 March 2024. 

From the outset, the curriculum plunged us into the heart of soul recovery and remembering, equipping us with the ability to reenter dream spaces, navigate their depths, and engage with dream teachers and partners for exploration, healing, and advanced training. We went deeper into the significance of Active Dreaming, understanding that our waking life, too, is a dream we are capable of navigating with intention and purpose.

We explored dream archaeology with group excursions into historical landscapes to discover fresh insights and experiences. We also explored the multiverse as postulated by modern quantum physics. 

As we moved through the modules, we encountered the challenges of defending the dreaming from psychic attacks, setting boundaries, and practicing spiritual discernment. We mastered Kairomancy, the art of navigating by synchronicity, recognizing and working with the signs and symbols that guide us through our waking and dreaming worlds. The journey also took us through the intricacies of mapping imaginal realities, learning to become cartographers of non-ordinary reality, and developing a geography of the astral planes. 

The culmination of this journey was about rebirthing a dreaming society, where we explored practical ways to foster dreaming communities, integrating our learnings into our personal lives, and encouraging others to embody guidance from a deeper source in their everyday existence.

This certification is not just an accolade; it's a call to action—a commitment to contribute to the rebirth of a dreaming society. It signifies my readiness to guide others in uncovering the layers of their consciousness, navigating their dreamscapes, and embracing the transformative power of their imaginal realms.

As I embark on this new chapter, I'm filled with gratitude for the wisdom imparted by Robert Moss and the profound experiences shared with my peers. I'm eager to bring this knowledge and insight into my practice, inviting others to explore the vast potentials of their dreaming minds and the healing and growth that await in their personal journeys of discovery.

To my followers and the community at DreamLifeNZ, I extend an invitation to join me on this remarkable adventure. Together, let's explore the depths of our dreams and the boundless possibilities they hold for healing, growth, and transformation.

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