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FAQ Shamanism: Soul Retrieval and Extraction

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

What is Soul Retrieval and Extraction?

Soul Retrieval and Extraction (SRE) is a shamanic process, which is intended to help people achieve healing and wholeness. It works on the understanding that the human soul can undergo damage due to trauma in this life (or others), and that a shamanic facilitator can help to repair the damage, and retrieve pieces of “soul” that have been lost. Shamanism is the ability of a person to move into an altered state of consciousness and travel the inner dimensions of what we call nonphysical reality. Soul recovery and extraction in this tradition can help an individual return to health.

When should I have an SRE done?

An SRE is helpful if you may be suffering from “soul loss”. Signs of soul loss include the impression that something is missing in our lives. There may be a sense of being out of balance, unable to synch with ourselves, but not know why.

How does it work?

As a trained shamanic facilitator, I use a trance-induction technique to undertake a guided journey, in which I will work with symbols and archetypal energy to assist the Client to achieve healing. Typically, there are three parts: the journey to retrieve Soul pieces, the “external” extraction, and the “internal” extraction. Extraction is a tool within the shamanic tradition that dissolves “blocks” from our bodies or the aura of electromagnetic energy that surrounds us.

Note that a shamanic facilitator does not “heal” the client. Symbolic “pieces” are retrieved that may trigger deep internal healing within the Client. These pieces are often linked to deeply-rooted feelings or memories of experiences that may have been suppressed, which means the healing process may often be associated with a release of strong emotion.

Does this link to other forms of healing?

Shamans are found in almost every native culture around the world, and thus shamanism pre-dates the development of modern medicine. As a traditional method of healing, it recognizes the strong soul/mind/body connection and works with the archetypes found in the collective unconscious to bring about healing, if the Client is receptive.

What is the link between Shamanic symbols and Psychology?

Some Shamans believe that they work directly with the collective unconscious through an archetypal process with clients. Some ideas from Jungian psychology support the idea that symbols have an important meaning to the individual and groups, and that shamans who are able to retrieve the appropriate symbols may thereby trigger healing in the Client.

Where can I get more information on this process?

See the book “Soul Recovery and Extraction: Putting back the pieces of your life,” by Ai Gvhdi Waya (Eileen Nauman), 2015. Also, see “Jung and Shamanism in Dialogue: Retrieving the Soul, Retrieving the Sacred,” by C. Michael Smith, 2014. I provide shamanic facilitation services.

Is this compatible with religion?

People of any religious background, or none, may benefit from the SR/E. While some shamans do not practice a formal religion, many come from traditions where each of the major religions is respected and acknowledged for their truth.

Please note that SRE is not intended as a substitute for medical or psychological treatment that may be required for any condition. Persons suffering from any illness should consult their registered medical practitioner.

Want to know more?

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