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Reality Transurfing® Key: the Slide

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

A key concepts of Reality Transurfing® is the so-called “slide”. A slide is a picture of reality that you carry around in your mind. The slide is figuratively inserted into your mental projector, and then it affects your perception of the world and other people’s behavior.

These Reality Transurfing methods lie beyond the realms of common sense and the conventional worldview. As a rule, most people only take action within the limits of physical reality, guided by so-called common sense. But once you start working with the metaphysical properties of reality, you can materialize whatever you intend. In order for a thought-form to manifest in physical reality, you have to reproduce it systematically, running the goal slide through your mind, the picture of what your life would look like if you had already achieved your goal.

I transurfed myself out of a bad marriage, and into progressively better jobs until I reached financial independence. Now I'm a certified Reality Transurfing® coach and active dreaming teacher.

When you practice the visualization technique, the layer of your world shifts in the space variations to the sector the goal has been achieved. In its own time, outer intention (the mysterious intentions of the universe) opens doors, real opportunities, that would not have appeared if you had not worked with the slide. Don't watch the slide from the outside, but rather live it, at least virtually. Pretend it's already happening. Imagine all sorts of new details and take pleasure in envisaging the scene where you have already achieved your goal. If you work on your slide systematically and enthusiastically, your goal is already in the bag.

On the other hand, a negative slide containing dissatisfaction with ourselves is projected onto others subconsciously. Outer intention would then carry the owner of a negative side to a sector of reality where the content of the slide is expressed to its full extent :( the result is a downer! The pattern will continue until the person stops ascribing the slide such great importance or switches to a positive slide. All you have to do is insert a positive slide and it will work as well as a negative one. Focus on the most positive sides of your personality and others will perceive you in that light. Love the you that you see in that slide – work on the image, embellishing it with detail. Feed the slide into your mind and go forward! With time the slide will become an integrated part of your personality, at which point it will cease to exist. When this happens your heart will be in harmony with your mind.

One thing you must avoid doing is creating an image that is a copy of someone else’s. If the goal is not your real personal goal but a goal mixed up with that of someone or something else, you will not be able to generate the necessary state of unity between heart and mind to achieve it.

Sometimes we don't really give ourselves permission to achieve our goals, because inwardly we don’t believe that we are worthy. It is essential to give yourself permission to have what you aspire to. The feeling of confidence without hesitation comes from the unity between heart and mind. When you sense your oneness with the silent force that rules the universe, it carries you into a sector where the unity between heart and mind can be manifest. It is worth remembering that slides don’t always manifest right away, if the goal lies in a fairly remote sector of the alternative space in relation to your current lifeline. This requires patience and perseverance. If your will is strong enough you will achieve your maximum potential and sometimes even incredible success. You deserve the very best!

The process of reaching the goal slide can be quickened with the help of other Transurfing visualization techniques which we will consider at a later time. These teachings touch on a series of subtle interlocking concepts that need to be treated separately.

Email me for a discovery session: how can you manifest your best slides?

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Further reading: "Transurfing in 78 Days" and "Reality transurfing Steps I-V" by Vadim Zeland.

Photos and video by Cottonbro on Pexels

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