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Solve your problems with minimum stress and maximum Reality Transurfing

Worrying is one of the least productive activities for our minds. However, we can redirect our minds to help us solve problems.

Changing our focus from the worry to the solutions can help to eliminate or reduce worry. Putting ourselves into a more relaxed state of mind and asking the right questions can help us to solve even the most difficult problems.

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Here are some problem-solving questions to ask yourself:

1. What are three positive things about this problem? Maybe it’s serving some positive functions in your life.

2. What are you willing to do to get the result that you want? If you want to get fitter, for example, are you willing to exercise more?

3. What are you willing to stop doing to reach your desired result? To improve your health by getting more sleep, are you willing to reduce your screen time, for example.

4. How can you motivate yourself to take action to get the results you want? For example, planning your day every morning.

5. What’s something that you can do today to get things moving in the right direction?

6. Then decide on what steps you can take towards those goals today.

You can incorporate Reality Transurfing by actively imagining a slide or immersive scenario that brings you into alignment about the outcome that you most desire. When we bring our vibrations or frequency into accord with that of the future we seek, it becomes much more likely to eventuate.

Our brains are problem solvers. Ask a question, and our brains will automatically seek the answers.

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