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Make your own quantum water

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Quantum jumping, reality transurfing, active dreaming - all are ways of working with the theoretical model of reality favored by some modern scientists - those who embrace the many worlds hypothesis.

Now I’d like to share a simple but effective technique that we can all do using water.

Dr. Masuru Emoto pioneered this work by showing that our environment, thoughts and emotions can shape water. His 2004 book The Hidden Messages in Water was a New York Times best seller.

The Quantum water method programs the water before drinking it, so you can adjust your frequency to correspond to the desired result. It’s a way of using your intent and takes advantage of the quality of water to absorb influences surrounding it. Burt Goldman explains this in his work on Quantum Jumping, while Vadim Zeland similarly programmes his water for Reality Transurfing.

We can use it for health. For example, the water can be programmed by holding a glass of it in front of your eyes and saying “love love love”. and then say “healthy digestion” or whatever. Upon drinking the water, some people report almost instantaneous improvements to their health. In one case, a young person troubled by acne used the method and patted water over his face three times a day, with the reported result that the acne cleared up.

You can also use it at home. Take a glass of water and quantumize it by saying love and then good energies three times as you hold it in front of your eyes. Then you can walk through the new home and sprinkle or spray a few drops of water on every wall, every ceiling and the floors. We can also use it for cars and equipment such as computers. This is a variation on the traditional method of blessing with holy water, or saining in Celtic traditions.

Another possibility is to write the desired outcome, let’s say “abundance” or something even more specific, like “I have $100 more”. Then you tape it onto the glass of water or place the glass of water over the piece of paper with the intention that it should absorb this idea. (Note that this is not a substitute for taking action towards our goals, it just makes it easier to achieve the desired results.)

The quantum rising method and the transurfing method requires nothing more than a simple glass of water. The originator of Reality Transurfing, Vadim Zeland likes to freeze filtered water first, to rid it of other influences or vibrations. You can experiment with that if you want to take it to the next level. However, I think plain water should work just fine. I filter of my drinking water in any case.

If you’re not sure that thought can influence water, you can perform the steps above as a ritual to focus your intention, which will in itself have a positive effect. I have known positive thinking to achieve all kinds of miracles, for example through the placebo effect.

Please try it out and let me know how you go.

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