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How to make a crystal grid

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

A crystal grid is a pattern of energetically aligned stones, charged by intention, and placed in a sacred space for a particular purpose.

I often use a geometrical layout such as the Flower of Life, or a hexagram, which can programme and propagate the energy of the crystals.

In its most simplified form, a grid is simply a layout of stones. Ideally, the crystals should be cleansed and tuned, as should you before activating it. The grid components generally involve a center stone which serves as a central access for the grid. This piece acts as a broadcaster for the grid's intentions. So, the center stone should be the most prominent piece on the grid, centrally located and larger than the other pieces.

Then there are surrounding stones. I chose the crystals according to the theme of the grid. For prosperity, I would use citrine; for inspiration, amethyst; for love, rose quartz is a winner; black tourmaline for protection, and so on. Some people report success using everyday rocks and stones they find in nature. Using geometrical shapes and an appropriate combination of stones can help to balance your results.

You should decide on the location for your grid, which may be in a sacred space or a small corner of your room or closet, depending on what’s available. I often place the grid on a tray that may be moved as needed.

Carefully place your crystals in the arrangement indicated, perhaps using a grid on paper or fabric. Point your wand or finger at the grid, drawing a connecting line between the crystals while affirming, e.g., “I charge the grid with abundant energy, creativity and blessings." You can also simply speak your intentions aloud.

The activation wand or finger connects the energy channels with intentions, including an order to activate and energetically connect to the crystals in your grid. You need a short statement summarizing your intention in a positive way. For example, “I express my creativity to manifest abundance every day.”

Holding your hand extended and stating your information, point to the central stone and visualize energy beaming into it. Then move your attention from stone to stone, as if you're connecting the dots.

You may choose to meditate with your grid daily or less frequently. The grid can remain in place as long as you feel it’s necessary. Once the crystals have done their work, thank them for their service, disassemble the grid and cleanse the stones with water, sage smoke, tuning or some other method. Put them away for future use.

Another approach can be to set a grid around yourself or partner physically and lie in the middle of it. Similarly, crystals may be placed around a bed. Relax and breathe deeply. This can be good for running vision journeys, for example to improve health. Feel the crystals gently adjusting the energies in your body.

Email me to discuss a custom designed crystal grid for you

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