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Brighten your days with crystal displays

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

I made this seasonal displays with crystals and the intention to enhance well-being, as we head towards mid-winter in the southern hemisphere. The days are shorter and cooler, and much-needed rain has arrived to refresh the gardens and farms. The crystals are supported by items from the garden: cherry tree and NZ fern leaves, lavender and rose hips. Cinnamon and cardamon are warming, fragrant herbs. Still recovering from the pandemic shut down, what could be nicer to brighten the day? I’m currently burning vanilla incense, which further enhances the cozy atmosphere.

Here’s a list of some of the items in my crystal display pictured below. It’s designed to work with nature’s cleansing and inward-turning energies approaching winter solstice, and at the same time enhance our ability to enjoy the warmth and confidence for the forthcoming solar cycle. The idea of the display is similar to that of the grid, although there is no particular underlying geometrical pattern.

- A deep purple amethyst leads the horizontal axis of the display. Associated with the violet flame, amethyst can help to cleanse old energy and negativity. It enhances clarity and spiritual insight.

- The vertical focus is citrine, which invigorates the body and immune system. It radiates confidence and helps us to manifest our wishes. This particular stone is a window crystal.

- Amber is not a crystal, but it might as well be. It is solidified tree resin and is reputedly helpful for healing, cleansing, grounding and revitalizing. I love its warm sunny energies on a cool day.

- Green calcite brings abundance and prosperity, helping us to let go of our old programs and communicate better.

-Aventurine suggests joyous abundance; the natural growth of nature, and enhances confidence.

-Snowflake obsidian reminds us of the snowflakes of winter. It Gently absorbs and transmutes negative energy and thoughts.

- Carnelian with its rich orange color reminds us of fire in winter, fruit and berries. It boosts our creativity and energy.

Anyone with access to a garden and attractive stones – whether crystals or from another source, such as a riverbed or garden – can make attractive displays for the season, and enhance their wellbeing.

If you want to know more about working and playing with crystals and stones, contact me at

Copyright 2020 Joann Greig

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