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Crystal Collection

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

It was time to unpack my crystal collection. While I was abroad in Europe and the US, I had gradually increased my collection, so now there are hundreds of crystals, from the more commonly occurring such as quartz crystal to rarer pieces such as Moldavite and Fulgurite. These rock people – my friends – have been all around the world with me. They recently shipped from Kosovo when I left my last job. They took an adventure on the high seas traveling with my shipment through Skopje to Tirana and from there by sea via Singapore to New Zealand. They passed through the hands of many freight forwarding companies and customs authorities. It was time that they came out of their different containers and had a breather.

I laid them out on the large dining table.

healing crystal collection for cleansing on table in New Zealand
Crystal collection for cleansing

It is always advisable to cleanse crystals when they have made a long journey, or otherwise been exposed to changing circumstances. Some of my favorite crystals I brought with me in my hand luggage, but they were just too many to bring on the flights with me. Fortunately, all of them arrived in good shape – none were broken. For cleansing, since not all of the crystals have the same composition and also for ease, I cleanse them by smudging them with sage, earning a stick of dried sage over a power shell, using my owl feather to distribute the smoke, was my intention that they should be cleansed. Then, using my Feng Shui singing metal bowl, made with some seven metals and designed to clear spaces, I rang the bowl around my crystals. The intention is that the resonant frequency from the bowl will vibrate the crystals, so that any residue from the journeys that shouldn’t be there, will dissipate.

I have grouped them approximately by color since that is an important part of their function, resonating by color frequencies associated with moods and the chakras concerned, and when working with people. I have to figure out the best place to store them, perhaps in a cabinet, but in the meantime, I will place the ones that are not on display into a set of wooden draws.

It can be good to place crystals outside in the sunlight, or even moonlight depending on their composition. At the moment there are just too many of them for this. So once I have them safely stored, as I feel moved, I may place them outside in smaller groups to recharge.

Do you want to know more about this? Contact me at Dream Life.

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May 02, 2021

What do you think - do I have too many crystals?

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