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Your Heart's Desire and Reality Transurfing®: 1

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

In this series of blogs, I explain some essential parts of Reality Transurfing starting with heart and mind coordination.

When we compose our reality in Reality Transurfing, understanding our true desires has to come first.

There’s no need to set out in search of the Holy Grail in some exotic location or in the depths of a forest. Reality Transurfing teaches that the Holy Grail is within you - the unique and incomparable essence of your soul. In life, little inexplicable miracles can and do happen, so why not allow them into your life?

But first, you have to allow yourself to have what your heart desires. “Allowing yourself to have is the most important condition for wishes to come true.” (See Vadim Zeland, Reality Transurfing Steps I – V - Unity of Heart and Mind.)

Without the heart, the mind is capable of very little, and yet together the heart and mind are capable of almost anything. Their merging generates the magical power of what Zeland calls “outer intention” - the way that external events seem to conspire to help us to reach our goals as if directed by an outer force.

The secret of happiness or unhappiness comes down to the unity - or disunity, of the heart and mind.

In order to achieve unity of heart and mind, first of all, we have to decide on our goals. While we might know what we don’t want, it can be difficult to express our true desires, what we do want - often because of outside influences, also known as pendulums in Reality Transurfing, a topic for a future blog.

Action: set aside some time and try to remember what your heart yearned for in childhood. What did you want? What really attracted you?

What dreams did you have to give up on overtime because they seemed impractical or other people wanted for something different for you?

Does a goal from your distant past still attract you? Might you currently be attracted to a false goal? Do you really desire it with all your heart?

If you’d like to discuss this with me, book a complimentary discovery session at

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