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There's Something about Remote Viewing

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

I’ve been studying remote viewing to enhance the quality of information that I can access for myself and my clients. For those who are interested, here’s my summary of some interesting points about it. For an understanding of the theoretical underpinnings, readers are referred to the principles of quantum mechanics, the Monroe Institute, and the work of Ingo Swann.

Remote viewing was developed as a psychic intelligence gathering tool by the US intelligence agencies (CIA, DIA and others) with the Stanford Research Institute in the early 1970s. The remote viewing programs Operation Grill Flame and its successor Stargate Project were terminated and declassified in 1995. Since many of the documents have been declassified, they are available to read online at the website.

Now several former participants in the CIA programs have made remote viewing information available via books and training. Some advanced remote viewers have an excellent track record working with police to help solve crimes by locating evidence not accessible by other means, while others have worked on industrial and scientific applications. Those concerned didn’t worry too much about the whys and wherefores of how it works, but they just know that it does. The method may be judged on its results. Over the twenty years since the classified operations began, millions of dollars were invested by the US government to develop and test the most effective processes. The program was featured (but not accurately depicted) in the 2009 film, titled The Men Who Stare at Goats.

The administration’s motivation for the programs came from discovering that several other countries were actively running psychic spy programs. In the course of investigating the effectiveness of these programs, it was decided that the US should develop its own.

So, the remote viewing protocols available now, which have been declassified, are the most effective, reliable, industrial strength procedures for gathering accurate real world information using psychic means. It comes with several provisos. Experts make it clear that this method was never designed to be used alone, but rather as part of a toolbox to fill in gaps in other information gathering procedures - none of which are infallible either. It was never supposed to be 100% reliable, although on several notable occasions the remote viewers' hit rate was very high indeed. Furthermore, it's most effectively used in a team, with viewers pooling their perceptions, which are then analysed for commonalities.

I've been studying and practicing various shamanic and active dreaming approaches for many years now. My interest in learning remote viewing was to find a way, using these industrially developed and tested procedures, to further fine tune my perceptions.

I studied several books and online programs, including coordinate remote viewing. Coordinate remote viewing is a highly structured six-phase process for detecting and decoding quantum signal lines from events distant in space and time, with reference to all the senses. I also engaged in extended remote viewing, which also follows well-defined procedures. Over the decades that this methodology has been practiced, the procedures have developed a kind of morphic resonance of their own, which facilitates the work of a practitioner. For example, reports and sketches are done by hand using black ink on a plain white sheet of paper. Coordinates are assigned for locations and events in a way that is unique to the practice of remote viewing as it originated in the CIA Stargate program.

I recently participated in an intensive online training course with David Morehouse (one of the original military officers on the program team) and approximately 30 participants via Zoom from several different countries. Dr. Morehouse wrote the manual on coordinate remote viewing. It was a mind opening and life transforming experience. An early start for me, I had to get up at 5:30AM to join the class running out of Las Vegas in the US.

Remote Viewing practice targets generally involve sites and events with multiple physical, emotional, and mental overlays. Over a period of time, remote viewers learn to detect and decode all of these, including the emotional and aesthetic impact of sites. Probably due to the origins of the method, often the practice targets we’re given tend to have some kind of military dimension, such as former weapons testing sites, but archaeological sites are often used such as Masada in Israel, the stone-stepped wells in India, or Iran pyramids - or even off-planet targets.

One of the most interesting experiences involved using a “Beacon”. In this case, an individual consents to be used as the target of a team of remote viewers, who then accompany him or her psychically for an extended visit to an unknown site. In our case, an experienced remote viewer, about whom we knew nothing until after the session, visited the Lincoln War Memorial in Washington DC. It was really fascinating as the reports were read, to see how many of us detected accurate elements of his experience there, although we were told nothing about the Beacon or where he was going prior. I was able to walk, sit, eat and experience the site with the Beacon, remotely. (We were told not to follow the Beacon into the public conveniences, but he avoided “going” :D) I was able to describe that he ate something cold, and something warm, and sketch parts of the site, such as the large reflecting pool. I also accurately described his back-pack. Others noticed other specific features of the memorials that he visited. We viewed photos that he took during the outing during the post session feedback, and had the chance to talk to the Beacon via video link, and ask him questions.

Our procedure is to go into an altered state of awareness using yogic breathing and relaxation, listening to pink noise, and deeply relaxing. We then set our intention on the coordinates and follow the prescribed visualisation protocols into a transit point leading to the target site. After, or in some cases during, the session, we then record our thoughts and impressions, what we saw and felt. After this, we prepare a session summary of what happened and the perceived nature of the target site and activities. In some cases focus questions were given – for example, what was the purpose of the site, who or what is present at the location?

The experience with the Beacon typically is in real time, although for people in a different time zone they could also follow the signal line after the event. Some practice targets may be viewed in the past. One such site was a disused military testing site in the United Kingdom. We were told that this spanned a period of time, but in my case I went back too far into the past. I saw the Vikings who originally landed the beach and nearby land. When feedback is given on the target – and this is how train our subconscious to accurately detect the information, I learned that this was indeed an important Viking site hundreds of years ago.

Another fascinating site was an advanced Volkswagen vehicle assembly factory in Germany. I correctly identified a multinational manufacturing and distribution plant headquartered in Germany. I kept seeing a logo with the head of a wolf on it. It ended up that the site was located in Wolfsburg, and the coat of arms of that town has a wolf’s head on it.

One of the key skills is to try to avoid “analytical overlay” as much as possible. This is when the mind perceives something, and immediately jumps to a conclusion about what it is. These overlays are often inaccurate, and first impressions are more reliable. One should approach each exercise with an open mind and endeavor to avoid naming and categorizing things in advance. It’s only when the site feedback is given that one can see the data obtained in a proper perspective.

I try to do regular weekly remote viewing sessions, and also mini sessions daily using Tarot cards. Using different decks, I first sketch key elements of a card that I will pull at random in the next minutes. Then I verify these the next day. My accuracy rate is growing quite quickly, I can modestly say. This is actually a form of Associate Remote Viewing, a different concept and perhaps topic for another blog, that may be used to perceive possible events in the future.

Remote viewing can be undertaken for events and sites in the past and present. It’s a matter of some controversy and discussion as to whether it can be used to detect future events. Some say it is not possible, others say that likely possible futures can be perceived. This is something I’m looking into. Some remote viewers reportedly tried to use the method play the stock market. They were successful at first, but then less successful. It seems that the more importance we give to the results, the less successful we will be in accurately perceiving. Some have had success with lotteries (those with limited numbers for selection). While some had some success, remote viewing does not easily lend itself to correctly perceiving numbers, because of the parts of the brain used. But perhaps those who were highly successful prudently kept it to themselves!

Since practising remote viewing, I found that my dreams have become increasingly clear and contain more accurate information about real-world events.

There are plenty more avenues for exploration, such as thought and dream incubation, and in-depth mind mapping. These practices are not supernatural, but rather methods that enable us to tap into our natural human faculties that are usually left undeveloped.

Joanne Greig (c) 2021

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May 02, 2021

I've decided to invest in a home sleep lab system to help me learn more about my sleep, dreaming, meditation and remote viewing practices. Come along with me on my forthcoming blogs on this topic. I'm awaiting the arrival of the equipment, and we'll start with the unboxing :)

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