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How to Enhance Your Energy with Reality Transurfing® (2)

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Or how to enhance Reality with your energy. This is the second in a series about Reality Transurfing® and energy.

Transurfing recommends increasing energy levels by training our body's central energy meridians and cleansing the body. Another excellent technique to widen the channels involves visualising the process.

You need to have an initial intention. The technique involves the following affirmation: my channels are widening and my intention energy is increasing. The essence of the visualisation technique lies in the statement that: Today is better than yesterday and tomorrow will be better than today. Switch on your energy fountains and repeat the affirmation in your mind that your intention energy is increasing with every passing day.

We can develop our meridians by doing energy exercises. The positive effects will be compounded the more that you tune in to the feeling of your central energy currents and subtle body. This helps induce a feeling of balance and harmony with the world; it increases your sensitivity to changes in the environment and enables you to easily go with the flow; it plugs you into the information field, an unlimited source of creativity; it gives you access to the energy of the cosmos; you radiate harmonious energy, which creates an oasis of prosperity and success around you. Most importantly, it keeps you functioning at the meeting point between heart and mind, bringing you closer to outer intention. Your ability to direct outer intention develops, which means that your desires are met more quickly and more easily.

You can develop and maintain healthy energy levels by regularly performing the following exercise. First, stand in a comfortable, relaxed position. Breathe in and imagine a flow of energy coming out of the ground, entering the perineal region and moving up the spine, exiting the head and extending upwards into the sky. Now breathe out and imagine that a flow of energy is descending from the sky. The flow of energy enters the head, moves along the spine and passes out and down into the ground.

Next imagine both currents moving towards each other simultaneously without crossing, each in its own meridian. You can quicken the flow, imbuing it with power, by using the strength of your imagination (intention). Now, imagine that the ascending flow exits the body and pours downwards over the head in a fountain shape. Similarly, the descending flow exits the body and passes in the opposite direction directly under the feet. You now have two fountains, one above you and one below you. Mentally unite both fountains so that you are enveloped inside a sphere of energy. Then draw your attention to the surface of your body. Feel the surface of your skin and extend this same feeling out into the sphere like a balloon that gets bigger when you blow into it. When you mentally inflate the surface of your skin, the sphere created by fountains of energy becomes firmly established. You should remain relaxed throughout the exercise and avoid creating tension by trying too hard to feel the energy physically.

By joining the currents into a sphere, you create a protective shield around your body. By extending the surface energy of the body into the sphere you strengthen and stabilize the shield. This exercise protects your energy and cleanses the subtle meridians. Over time, the blocks that prevent the flow of energy dissipate, and the holes in the aura that cause energy to be lost close.

Free energy is permanently present in a limitless quantity at every point of the field. We can take as much as we can carry. We need to learn to draw in free energy and experience ourselves as part of the universe. We should have plenty of free energy if our meridians are not restricted. But energy cannot flow freely if the body is toxic and stress causes the meridians to narrow even further. Zeland does not recommend trying to accumulate a lot of energy, but rather to widen our energy channels to run free energy continuously. Rather than accumulating energy, he advises us merge with the energy of the universe.

The next installment will look at traditional qigong exercises that accomplish similar goals.

To discuss this and other energy cultivation approaches, email me at

Zeland, Vadim. Reality Transurfing. Steps I-V (pp. 389-390). Ves Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

Video and images thanks for Cottonbro on Pexels.

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