Active Dreaming

Active Dreaming

Active dreaming is a path of real magic that enables us to wake up to a deeper reality and sources of meaning in our lives.

Reality Transurfing®  

Reality Transurfing® aims to give you the power to control your own destiny as you see fit.

Dream Life New Zealand

Dream Life

Active dreaming teacher, reality transurfing® coach,  shamanic facilitator -  you choose.

Shamanic Facilitation

Shamanic Facilitation

Shamanic facilitation is a healing tool helping you to regain your energy and power to live in harmony during challenging times.

Crystal reading

Crystal therapy supports you, as you heal and empower your life.

This is an invitation to join me, Joann Greig, MA, for a unique journey - as unique as you are. I help people discover their larger story, grow a vision, live it and communicate that vision to others. 

Active dreaming teacher, reality transurfing® coach,  shamanic facilitator -  you choose. I offer three distinct but complementary modalities to help you explore yourself and your world, growing towards greater wholeness and fulfillment. There’s an additional option of crystal readings to support you in this journey. 

Send your friends a coupon for a complimentary 30 minute discovery call with Joann about how to maximize enjoyment of their dream life. Or use it yourself. What better way to bounce into the new season? 
Email and quote code DISCDREAMS21 
Offer valid until April 30, 2021

Special Offering - Palladium Class

The most advanced level of coaching comprises a customized package selected from all service offerings in consultation with you. This one on one coaching is for up to four months. Price on application. 

In Greek and Roman mythology, the Palladium was a religious image of great antiquity on which the safety of Troy and later Rome was said to depend, the statue of Pallas Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom. Rome possessed the Palladium for several centuries in the care of the Vestal Virgins.

In English, the word Palladium has been used to mean anything believed to provide protection or safety, and in Christian contexts a sacred icon believed to have a protective role for a whole city, people or nation. 

Now Palladium is the name of a highly valued and rare metal.

In this offering, we invoke the wisdom and protection traditionally associated with Pallas Athena to bring you an offering of great value.

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Palladium Class

"Joann provided me with a very insightful dream session that I am so grateful for! She is a master of explaining the processes and guiding you into a very deep state with her shamanic drumming and expert delivery. In our time we went through several journeys and after each one there was time allowed for interpretation and further suggested offerings to gain more clarity. I highly recommend her work and wish you a very healing and enlightening session(s)!"


"After our brief discussion earlier just have to say you introduced some very helpful insights into a couple of current issues I have. I was very pleased with the way you helped me be more circumspect, now have much to think about! Very grateful and impressed.
Many thanks." 

- SW, UK.




"Joann is a great person to go to when you need advice on life in general. She is wise, experienced, super knowledgeable, compassionate and helpful."

- DS, Egypt

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Active dreaming teacher, reality transurfing® coach,  shamanic facilitator -  you choose


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