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World Dream Day, 25 September

2020 THEME: A New Vision For the Future Transforming the World, One Dream at a Time

World Dream Day, held on September 25th, is a global day of action dedicated to setting Dreams in motion. The purpose of the day is to honor the dreamer, visionary, and innovator in all of us through live and online events. Our Mission: To inspire, activate, and celebrate the power of ideas, goals, and dreams.

We can participate by engaging in individual reflections, dynamic conversations and expressive observances. Declare your dream via social media, create art, host Dream Dinners and spoken word performances; create a public DreamDance; engage in dream-based conversations; host a community gathering and anything else we haven’t mentioned. World Dream Day unites the world in achievement and aspiration, by providing an opportunity for creativity, collaboration, contribution, and innovation. Core to the World Dream Day experience is the declaration of inspired visions for the future, as well as celebratory events and dialogue that take place in key locations all around the world. 

World Dream Day was founded in 2012 to help inspire and heal humanity by Ozioma, a visionary, WATCH THE TEDx TALK.

In perfect alignment with check out the website for World Dream Day news and look at ways to make your best dreams come true!  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram: @dayfordreamers #WORLDDREAMDAY

Discuss your dreams and join our dream circles at

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