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The Four Directions and Energy for 2022

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

For 2022, I did my regular goal setting exercises, but I wanted to do something different to charge up my energy. Shamans, dreamers and imagineers have used the four directions for millennia to encounter the powers of the land, sea and sky for their workings. This session helped me to find meaningful locations and experience an adventure in consciousness.

In a relaxed state and eyes closed, I imagined myself in a beautiful meadow from where I could focus on various locations in the Multiverse. This time, I asked to find inspiration for 2022 using the four main directions. At each of these locations I tuned into a different quality of energy. A symbol for each one is a shorthand to quickly tune into that energy.

1. North

The Cave behind the North Wind, associated with the Sisterhood behind the North wind. According to the ancient Greeks, Hyperborea was a fabulous realm of eternal spring located in the far north beyond the home of the north wind. Its people were a blessed, long-lived race the suffering and hardships associated with conflict, labor, old age and disease.

The symbol for this location is the hexagon, associated with the bee's honeycomb. An original Delphic oracles temple was built from wax and feathers by the Hyperboreans (Pausanias, Description of Greece 10. 5. 7 - 9). Also, the almost ancient temple was said to have been made from olive branches brought from Hyperborea by Heracles; and their oracles were delivered in hexameter. The connection with the Delphic oracle is particularly fascinating due to the link to awareness, wisdom and benefits to the community that can flow from it.

Delphi, Greece - the location of the fabled Delphic Oracle

I ended up going down quite a rabbit hole studying the land beyond the North Wind, Hyperborea. George MacDonalds allegorical children’s book “At the back of the North Wind” is also an intriguing connection.

2. South

A location in the South Island of New Zealand, one of the Southern most points. It is known as Te Waipounamu, “the Waters of Greenstone” or the Place of Greenstone. In New Zealand Green Stone or Pounamu is revered as a stone of life and love. Much of it is sourced from river areas in the South Island. I encountered a beautiful place amongst the natural bush and trees, with the freshwater streams and pools, containing the sacred Pounamu stone.

The natural symbol is the Koru, the spiral associated with the native New Zealand silver fern. It suggested the organic growth and flow state of life developing. It reflects the Fibonacci mathematical sequence, what the Greeks called the Golden Mean ratio. The ratio being (1: 1.618). Contemplating this place and this symbol allows us to attune to the peace and harmony of the natural environment.

3. East

The Pearl of the Golden Dragon relates to the East, and the rising sun.

Associated with power and longevity in Asia, the Dragon has a gold pearl. The pearl is associated with spiritual energy, wisdom, prosperity, power, immortality, thunder, or the moon reflecting the light of the sun. It features in Chinese folklore. The pearl could, among other things, be considered to represent universal energy or Qi which creates and supports all life. Some say that said that in meditation, dreams and during practice nine dragons will visit those who are ready to receive their knowledge to instruct them. Finally, after many years of study, practice, and meditation the supreme dragon of the heavens will impart the profound knowledge and we will see that all is one.

In this meditation, I associate the golden dragon and its pearl with the rising sun and its benevolent energy. What better way to nurture health than to appreciate the sun?

4. West

Often associated in western traditions with the ocean, and sunset, the Western direction appeared in my meditation as representing the unknown. Images shifted and played in the light reflecting off rock pools by the sea. All things will eventually change and the future is unknown. Can we live in peace and acceptance of the unknown?

Can you imagine yourself at any of these locations? What do you experience there?

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