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Reality Transurfing® Tarot Card of the Week 24 April 2021 Do the work and you will see the results!

I regularly pull a card corresponding to a Day in “Transurfing in 78 Days — A Practical Course in Creating Your Own Reality.” This gives us a weekly insight into principles of Reality Transurfing® and how they can help us live the life we prefer, using Vadim Zeland’s Transurfing Tarot. More accurately, they are oracle cards rather than traditional Tarot. I share the principles, and the book itself provides further interpretations.

Day 44


As a rule, people only take action within the limits of physical reality, guided by so-called common sense. This is not particularly effective. You now have a huge advantage. Once you start working with the metaphysical properties of reality, you can materialise whatever you intend. In order for a thought form to manifest in physical reality, you have to reproduce it systematically, running the goal slide through your mind, the picture of what your life would look like if you had already achieved your goal. Unlike useless dreaming that only occasionally comes into being, this is real work. Do the work and you will see the results.


When you practice the visualisation technique, the layer of your world shifts in the variants space to the sector in which your goal has been achieved. Do not think about how this happens. Your thoughts should be focused exclusively on the goal slide. In its own time, outer intention will open doors, real opportunities, the likes of which you could never have foreseen and would not have appeared if you had not worked with the slide. When you see that the goal is getting closer, your fears and doubts will vanish. Do not watch the slide from the outside, like a film in the cinema. Live it, at least virtually. Pretend it is already happening. Imagine all sorts of new details. Don’t let working with the slide become a burden or chore. Just take pleasure in envisioning the scene in which you have already achieved your goal. Of course, if your visualisation is not very distinct, do not try too hard to make it clearer. Work on everything in your own way, however it comes. Most importantly, if you work on your slide systematically and enthusiastically, you can consider your goal already in the bag.

COMMENT: For me, working with slides is one of the most important elements of Reality Transurfing®. The man depicted in the image looks like an artist. Indeed, we are like artists when we compose the slides that influence our lives.

To discuss these ideas further and explore how they can apply to your life, book a discovery session with me at

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May 02, 2021

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