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Reality Transurfing® Tarot Card of the Week: April 16, This is a fortress taken by lengthy siege.

I regularly pull a card corresponding to a Day in “Transurfing in 78 Days — A Practical Course in Creating Your Own Reality.” This gives us a weekly insight into principles of Reality Transurfing® and how they can help us live the life we prefer, using Vadim Zeland’s Transurfing Tarot. More accurately, they are oracle cards rather than traditional Tarot. I share the principles, and the book itself provides further interpretations.

76. Comfort Zone


People are free to choose whatever they want; it is just that not many believe that it is theirs to do so. If you feel unsure of yourself when you are trying on wealth, fame and giddy success for size, it is clearly still out of your comfort zone.

If it isn’t in your comfort zone, it will never be yours. However, you can expand the zone. Create a mental slide of your goal and hold it permanently in sight. Return to the mental picture you have drawn again and again.

Relish the details, add new elements to the picture, and learn to see yourself in a different way. You deserve the very best. It is all realistic. There are no constraints. The limits are all in your mind.


Positive slides can help introduce the incredible into your comfort zone. When you stop feeling waves of uneasiness from the thought that your dream might be accessible to you, doubts will cease and belief will be transformed into knowledge. The heart will come into harmony with the mind and you will feel the resolve to have. It is pointless trying to persuade the heart; the heart does not discourse, it simply knows. The heart cannot be persuaded but it can be trained. It has to get used to the new comfort zone. Don’t worry if you still feel unsure and don’t see how your goal can be realised. Continue systematically visualising the slide. When the goal is completely integrated into your comfort zone, outer intention will open the door to the world of your dreams. This is a fortress taken by lengthy siege."


I love the metaphor: This is a fortress taken by lengthy siege. By day 76, theoretically we are close to the conclusion of our journey of 78 days in this book. By now we should have realized that there are no quick fixes. There is generally a delay in the mirror of reality reflecting our transurfy choices.

This reminds me about what Marisa Peer, celebrity hypnotist, says: to be unstoppable, we should make the familiar unfamiliar, and the unfamiliar familiar. Our minds tend to gravitate towards the familiar, and if we continue to cling to that, we will never be able to change for the better.

So, we need to make the unfamiliar feel familiar, and we can do that, as Vadim says, we need to make a mental slide of what we want, and systematically become familiar with that so it's our default comfort zone.

What is outer intention, and how will it open the door to the world of your dreams? That is the topic for another blog, my friends. But for now, let's say it is a mysterious friend of our soul.

What fortress do you want to take? To discuss these ideas further and explore how they can apply to your life, book a discovery session with me at

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