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Journeys in Multidimensional Reality: the Five Priestesses

This blog combines active dreaming and crystal therapy. I plan a series explaining some key concepts like active imagination, an approach used by Jungians, and others to access the contents of the unconscious or non-ordinary reality. But for today, I’ll tell you about this journey.

Many shamans and dreamers use a version of the World Tree in the imaginal realms to access a non-ordinary reality. I formed the intention to learn more about my path ahead and timing. I approached my tree in the imaginal realm, a birch tree with its branches reaching to the upper world, and its roots delving into the lower world. I scaled the tree, which was much taller further than a regular tree. In its upper branches, I met an Eagle, resembling one of the great eagles in the Lord of the Rings. The Eagle gave me his name and offered to take me on a journey to fulfill my intention. I let the journey unfold as it would.

The Eagle took me to visit five priestesses in different times and places. Each gave me a gift of energy from:

- Ancient Egypt at Luxor

- The Celtic mounds at New Grange, Ireland

- Mesoamerican pyramids

- Legendary Atlantis

- A high rise building in modern-day China

Interestingly, the Chinese Taoist adept seems to be living in our present or future time, while the others seemed to be from the past.

To help me integrate this energy, upon my return I selected five cards at random from a Crystal Healing Oracle. I intended to draw mainly to find crystals that I own.

These were, with a few keywords:

  • Black Obsidian: The Shadow - powerful medicine for purging old stale energy, transforming it into fresh vibrant life.

  • Labradorite: Take action, the stone of magic, which assists us to awaken the gifts that lie within the soul. Invites us to move forward with the right action.

  • Fluorite: Learning. Awakens new knowledge and enhances learning abilities, as well as healing the memory.

  • Selenite: Spiritual awakening. A powerful transmitter of universal energy. Cleanses the energy field for awakening, bathing the body in loving healing energy of the cosmos. Making way for new vibrant energy and deeper spiritual connections.

  • Pink tourmaline: Forgiveness, the energy of unconditional love. Opens and heals the heart. This was the only stone that I did not possess physically. I use the card instead, and augmented with lilac-pink Kunzite which also has a vibration of unconditional love.

I set these crystals in a grid around me, and lay down inside it to integrate the energies I had received.

I felt energetically strengthened.

During the next day I was able to start working through some of the downloads I had received. It was the Atlantean priestess, a veritable giant of a woman who introduced the idea of developing a healing and transformational modality around the five different energies. She explained a course of treatment whereby a person would stretch out on a crystalline bed holding the intention to address a particular issue in their life. Then the priestess would administer healing using singing bowls and other items to help them to discover the answers within themselves.

I intend to explore this further as an offering for clients interested in exploring active dreaming, dreaming archaeology, sacred geometry, and crystal therapy.

If you’d like to know more or book a session, contact me at


References: “The Healing Oracle, Crystal Reading Cards” by Rachelle Charman.

Crystal grid template by Ethan Lazzerini

Cloth from The Legacy of the Divine by Ciro Marchetti, collector’s edition.

Photos from Pexels, except for card layout.

Copyright 2020 A. J. Greig

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