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How to enhance your energy and your reality (1)

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

We may plan and visualize what we’d like to happen, but without a unique ingredient, our hopes may not materialize. That key ingredient is energy.

Energy enters the human body, where it is programmed by our thoughts, feelings and intentions. On exiting the body, it carries the same energy signature as that person’s thoughts and feelings.

The programmed energy builds up in the corresponding sector of the alternatives space, which results in that reality being more likely to be realized.

The programming effect is appropriate only if the heart and mind are in coordination, otherwise our energy can be like radio frequency interference and may achieve nothing, or even a contrary effect to the one we seek.

Only the mysterious agent of outer intention, which is similar to synchronicity, grace, or providence, which is generated when our heart and mind unite in their aspirations, can power the material realisation of a reality in the alternatives space. The power of outer intention is proportional to our energy levels.

In the next blog we will look at some simple exercises to increase energy levels by training the central meridians and cleansing the body.

Vadim Zeland recommends particular exercises for this purpose, and I’m going to share these. The Chinese energy cultivation practices of Qigong can be used to similar effect.

Contact me to discuss ways to enhance your energy for reality transurfing.

Reference: Zeland, Vadim. Reality Transurfing. Steps I-V (p. 392). Ves Publishing Group.

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