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Are you an active dreamer?

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Throughout history, dreams have been recognized as awakening us to experiences that are no less real than those to be found in the regular world. Active dreaming contrasts to a more passive approach, where dreams seem to randomly happen while we sleep, and as often as not are forgotten or ignored. Robert Moss, the originator of the Active Dreaming modality, tells us that a dream can be an active undertaking where we travel consciously and intentionally into the dream space for healing, initiation, and adventure.

Active dreaming includes not only sleep experiences but a whole spectrum, including symbols and synchronicities in waking life, which can speak to us like dreams if we pay attention. It combines modern dreamwork techniques with shamanic approaches for shifting consciousness. We can embark on conscious dream journeys, recognizing that each person is the only expert on their own dreams.

Active dreaming includes three core areas of practice. Firstly, to bring positive energy and guidance from the dream world into daily life. Secondly, an act of dreaming is a method of shamanic lucid dreaming. It starts with simple, everyday practice and extends to experiences of time travel, soul recovery, and the exploration of multidimensional realities. Thirdly, it is a way of conscious living, which enables us to discover our natural energies, and live and share our bigger story.

Core techniques include:

– Dream re-entry, where we travel through the gateway of a dream image

- Time folding – journeys into possible futures and into the past

– Dream healing, using dream imagery for self-healing

– Creative dream play – releasing the artist or writer within us by tapping into the dream source

- Lightning dream work developed by Moss is a simple but insightful process that enables people to tell their dreams, receive helpful feedback, and embark on appropriate action.

To do: try exchanging dreams with a friend. When you provide feedback, always start by saying “If it was my dream …”

Want to know more? See for a complimentary discovery session to learn more about your dreams, or join an online dream circle.

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