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Active Dreaming NZ

Active Dreaming

Active dreaming is a path of real magic that enables us to wake up to a deeper reality and sources of meaning in our lives.

As a dream teacher, I provide a safe and healing space where people find it possible to learn both beginners’ and frequent flyers’ active dreaming techniques. Clients are able to open their hearts and reclaim the vital energy of parts of themselves lost through trauma or heartbreak or refusing to follow the heart’s deepest desires. We can find True North, our life’s compass, on the path of the heart – and to gather the energy and resources required to stay steady and heart-centered in the midst of life.


One-to-one coaching is available in active dreaming as detailed below. 

People interested in joining a dreaming circle are invited to apply. Currently, this will be done in virtual space, but when possible in person meetings and workshops will be held in New Zealand. 

“Wake up and dream”, Robert Moss

Learn more


“Conscious Dreaming: A Spiritual Path for Everyday Life”

by Robert Moss


“The Three “Only” Things: Tapping the Power of Dreams, Coincidence and Imagination”

by Robert Moss


“Dreamgates: Exploring the Worlds of Soul, Imagination and Life Beyond Death”

by Robert Moss


“The Hidden Power of Dreams”

by Denise Linn



Session one

1. What are dreams?

2. Introduction to lightening dream work

3. Introducing your dream journal  – the most important book you will ever read, and write

4. Dream aids to improve dream recall, before and after sleeping


Session two

1. Who are the Dreamweavers?

2. Dream altar and sacred dream space

3. Dream shield and grounding; strengthening and sealing the energy body

Session three

1. Different kinds of dreaming: incubation, lucid, and dream gazing journeys

2. Dream reentry


Session four

Approaches to finding the meaning of dreams



Session one

Recap the main points of Module One

1. In-depth dream journeys and astral traveling


Session two

1. Dreams for “seeing”

2. Time folding: Dreams of the Past, and Past and future lives

Session three

1. Dreams for healing and adventure


Session four

1. Challenging and recurring dreams

2. Opening dream gates for soul recovery



Session one

Journey to a spiritual teacher


Session two

Dreaming with animal powers

Session three

Dreaming for healing


Session four

Navigating by synchronicity

This is the dreamer’s way of operating in daily life. When we help people to awaken to the symbolic resonance of everyday incidents, we help them enter a realm of real magic, and move beyond their self-limiting beliefs. People who have been out of touch with their dreams often also find the dreamgates opening again.

Sessions include a practical component, where we explore dreams and journeys, depending on clients' needs and interests.

Additional modules

1. Creative Dreaming for Writers


Our dreams put us directly in touch with our creative Source. By tapping into our dreams, and honoring them, we release our inner artist/writer/creator.

Writing as active dreaming

Releasing the story power of dreams

Turning dreams into Poems


2. Journeying to the dream library

Also known as the Akashic Records, all kinds of interesting and valuable information can be located here by Dreamers.


3. Exploring multidimensionality


  • As dreamers, we can experience the multidimensional universe of quantum mechanics and superstring theory. Through journeys and discussion, we will explore how we can contribute to the emergence of a true understanding of consciousness.


4. Sharing dreaming with others: toward a community of dreamers

Active Dreaming groups can establish a different kind of space and a deep sense of belonging to an international community. Each member receives the gift of deep listening, the chance to play leader or teacher, and the opportunity to tell their life stories and re-vision those stories.


People interested in joining a dreaming circle are invited to apply. Currently this is done in virtual space, but when possible in person meetings and workshops will be held. 


Active dreaming seminars planned for the future include:


  • The Lightning Dreamwork Process

  • Group Dream Travel 

  • Dream Tracking – entering another person’s dream space (with permission) to bring back information or support healing and resolution

  •  Active Dream Theatre – the pinnacle of improv and a fount of joyful and healing energy

  • The Dream Transfer Technique, a powerful way of bringing healing imagery to those in need of a dream.


Enquiry Form 

Active Dreaming Fees

Please note that the contents of each session can be selected according to the needs of the client.

Introduction to the main principles of Active Dreaming for people who want to know more before committing.

30 mins NZ $75 

Module 1

- 4 weekly on-line in-person sessions, 75 minutes, NZ$550

- or 2 lessons for NZ$300

Module 2 Pricing as above for Module 1. 

Module 3 Pricing as above for Module 1. 

Advanced add-ons after doing at least one of the above NZ$300

3-month coaching package with everything NZ$1500

*Fees are in New Zealand dollars NZ$ 


Contact me and it will be a pleasure to assist you

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